Characters in the Saga

The People of Oc

Larkyn Hamley
A farmgirl of Deeping Farm, the Uplands, known at the Academy of the Air as Larkyn Black, and called Lark by her friends.

Philippa Winter
A horsemistress of Oc, who has served old Duke Frederick for years before becoming an instructor at the Academy.

Margareth Morgan
Formerly Margareth Highflyer, the Headmistress of the Academy of the Air.

Brye Hamley
Larkyn’s eldest brother, an Uplands famer.

Edmar Hamley
A quarry worker, the second Hamley brother.

Nick Hamley
Good-looking and fun-loving, the third Hamley brother.

Hester Beeth
The daughter of Lord and Lady Beeth, who is known at the Academy as Hester Morning.

Anabel Chance
A pretty girl who is sweet but rather slow, good friends with Hester and Lark.

Petra Sweet
The daughter of a shoe manufacturer who becomes Lark’s sponsor at the Academy of the Air.

Baron Esmond Rys
A Klee lord who trades services to Lord Francis in exchange for the bonding of his daughter.

Lady Amelia Rys
Quiet, intelligent Klee girl who bonds with a winged horse of Oc.

William Fleckham
Son of Duke Frederick of Oc.

Francis Fleckham
Younger son of Duke Frederick.

Lady Pamella Fleckham
Only daughter of Duke Frederick and Lady Sophia Fleckham.

A stable-girl from the fishing village of Onmarin in the Angles.

An elderly stable-girl, a favorite of Duke Frederick’s and of Philippa’s.

Eduard Crisp
Master Breeder under Duke Frederick.

Young man forced to take over as Master Breeder despite knowing he is unqualified.

The private serving-man to Lord William.

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