Background and Other Interesting Notes

Do listen to a brief Mozart piece written for the glass harmonica: Adagio for Glass Harmonica, Mozart

Here’s a charming example of glass music.

If the psychic elements of The Glass Harmonica intrigue you, look up these books:

  • Tune Your Brain, by Elizabeth Miles
  • Miracles of Mind, Russell Targ and Jane Katra
  • Mind Trek, by Joseph McMoneagle

Readers of The Glass Harmonica who are interested in history might want to check out the following works:

  • Franklin, the Autobiography
  • The Devious Dr. Franklin, Colonial Agent, by David T. Morgan
  • Mozart, by Peter Gay
  • Costume 1066 – 1990’s, by John Peacock
  • English Through the Ages, by William Brohaugh; an indispensable source for writing dialogue of another age
  • London, the Novel, by Edward Rutherford

If you’re interested in musical aspects of the novel:

  • Music, the Brain, and Ecstasy, by Robert Jourdain; a marvelous book full of scientific, artistic, and historical tidbits.
  • Visit William Wilde Zeitler’s excellent web page at for pictures, sound bites, history, and a wealth of links.
  • The Finkenbeiner web page has lovely Sound samples of the glass harmonica. Don’t miss the exquisite fragment of “Shenandoah.”
  • Check out the Brussels Virtuosi’s recording, if you can find it, of the Mozart Flute Quartets for a lovely reading of the “Adagio in C.”