Airs and Graces: Winged Horse Bloodlines

Characteristics of the bloodlines

have deep chests, arching necks, and long backs. Only Nobles are true sorrels, like Winter Sunset, and they can be roans, bays, or chestnuts (deep brown, with flaxen mane and tail.) Nobles are usually assigned ceremonial duties, and sometimes military functions.

are the draught horses of the winged horse lines. They tend to be easygoing, are heavy-bodied, and shorter-lived than the other bloodlines. They are dapple gray, white, palomino, buckskin, or black. They almost always perform military or guard functions, patrolling the borders of Oc. Their riders study weapons, usually the short swords of the period.

are small, fine-boned, and quick. Their colors tend to brown, dun, and grulla (gray-brown with a black stripe down the back.) Messengers, couriers, usually assigned to outlying towns to carry communications for the Duke or the Prince.

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