Airs and Graces: Winged Horses and Their History

Meet the Winged Horses

Black Seraph
Bondmate of Larkyn Hamley. Seraph, a crossbred black, is also known as Tup, named for a two-penny coin used in the Uplands.

Wingless mare, Larkyn’s foundling, the dam of Black Seraph.

Winter Sunset
Horsemistress Philippa Winter’s mare, a sorrel of the Noble line. She has a quiet disposition, and is intelligent and courageous.

Silver Cloud
Gray Ocmarin gelding of Horsemistress Amber Cloud.

Golden Morning
The palomino filly of Hester Beeth. Goldie is a Foundation horse, tall and strong and steady.

Take a Chance
Anabel’s chestnut Noble, a gelding.

Sweet Reason
Petra Sweet’s Foundation gelding, dapple gray.

New Prince
Geraldine prince’s Ocmarin gelding, brown.

Star Chaser
The Foundation gelding of Suzanne Star, the second-level instructor at the Academy of the Air.

Sky Dancer
The Ocmarin mare of Horsemistress Kathryn Dancer, the first-level instructor at the Academy of the Air.

Strong Lady
Irina Strong’s bay Foundation mare.

Duke’s Highflyer
Headmistress Margareth Morgan’s Foundation stallion, deceased.

Summer Rose
Horsemistress Alana Rose’s Ocmarin mare, deceased.

One of the founders of the Ocmarin line.

Crossbred filly, pale dapple gray with silver mane and tail.

Master Mahogany
Shining bay with black mane and tail, bonded to Amelia Rys.

Little Duchess • Dark Lad • Sweet Spring • Sea Girl • Sky Heart
The other horses in Lark’s flight at the Academy of the Air.

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